Hi! I’m Caitie Osborn.


Welcome to my website! Let me introduce myself:  


I'm a mover and a groover---to me, my life is one giant ride. I am a crossbreed of innovation--I like to think of myself as a creative hybrid. I have a passion for BOTH advertising and production: I am an art director.  I also love to direct and to set design. 


I’ve been lucky enough to graduate from the BYU AdLab --the #1 creative advertising school in the nation. It was in my first days as a student brand developer that I first learned I had a real talent for bringing creative concepts to life. 


I believe the world of advertising is evolving, and that I can bring a new type of experience to any agency with my skills in both advertising and production!


When people hear of me, I want them to think of adventure, excitement and possibilities. 

Let's make some lemonade!

D&AD Wood Pencil Winner

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